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Our Mission

Globalization of Youth Health

Ever since the start of KnowYourHealth, we have aimed to push my followers beyond the limits of knowledge, outlining the importance of youth health, and where it can take us in the future as well as thinking about the ways in which global health issues can be challenged. Our hope is that KnowYourHealth helps to acknowledge all the health disparities there are within the world as we want to suppress these discrepancies and lead the world into a better, healthier place. 

From young ages, many people are fascinated by new and thrilling information that truly amazes them. We strongly believe this can be achieved with an intergenerational approach, putting youth at the core.

Join now to begin your learning journey—you’re one of us now.

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Scientist in the Lab

" KnowYourHealth and it's writings are all opinionated and we love to see what others have to say as well!
With a website like KnowYourHealth, it provides a platform where a community can come together and talk about interesting and emerging news stories with entitlement to your own opinion. "

" Why KnowYourHealth? "

Fredrick Kasindi (Founder)

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